Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Copy and Paste

The next few blogs will be copy and pasted from my age old MySpace. Before I started at Millersville, I was writing a fair amount, and I think in some of these posts its evident my mind was definitely working better than what it is today.

Prepare yourself, its not all pretty:

In today's mainstream media, we hear about everything we shouldn't. They tell us more about things than we need to know, and not enough about the things that we really should know.

I was watching MSNBC tonight, and the hot female anchor lady was covering a story about domestic violence in some city and how some guy stole this other ladies truck with her baby in it etc etc and things didn't end well for the baby. It's a sad story, but what got me was the fact the look on the face of the anchor when she was reading the teleprompter and said:

"Apparently the baby was somehow attached to the outside of the vehicle and had been shot in the head."

At this point, this woman reading this information to most of the world thinks to herself "why the hell did I just say that a baby was shot in the head?" she probably thought "why does the world need to know this?" or "could someone have written that with a little more compassion?" She looked like she had just passed gas, or rather, that someone next to her had just passed gas. As if she was ashamed and embarrassed for such horrible things erupting from her mouth.

Ya, we all understand the world isn't filled with bunnies and butterflies, but you can at least spare us the gory details.

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